Crossray Electric BBQ Range

Electric BBQ Ranges

Updated Crossray Electric BBQ Range for the 2021-2022 season. Features include:
  • 1500W capacity. 2 x 750W carbon-fibre infrared elements provide instant performance. Simply plug-in.
  • Dual Zone cooking (High/Low, Front/Back) with half grill & hotplate as standard
  • Stainless steel construction with double skin hood, cook with the lid Up or Down
  • LED indicators with 120 Min timer and 300°C safety cut-off
  • Elements located close to the cooking surface for maximum output
  • Fully portable, for home or holidays
  • Bottom mounted oil collection tray
  • 430SS
  • Dual infrared cooking elements

As seen in images, the Electric BBQ is available in a number of different options:
  • Portable Electric BBQ
  • Electric BBQ with trolley
  • Electric BBQ with kitchen cabinet
  • Portable Electric BBQ with high lid design
  • Electric BBQ with trolley, high lid design and 430SS foldable side shelves
  • Compact Electric BBQ Kitchen (1385mm wide, sintered stone benchtop, single 63L SS fridge, electric BBQ with high lid design, zinc coated cabinet, fold down top shelf and double doors)

Extra accessories available include: BBQ cover, hot plate, grill plate, SS feet set for portable BBQ model, mounting brackets, trolley, cabinet with bench top

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